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The loan process can be intimidating but understanding the components will help you feel more comfortable as you go through it. Keep in mind that the type of loan you are applying for will determine the length of time required for the loan process in completing your loan.

I fully understand the importance of your purchase or refinance decision. It’s quite possibly the biggest financial transaction you’ll ever make, and I pledge to make the experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

As part of my commitment, you can expect total transparency from start to finish. I will keep you updated about your mortgage transaction, from pre-qualification to the closing table, and all points in between.


  • Application

    Submit application, required forms, and documents. Set up a time to call and/or meet with me.

  • Pre-approval

    You now have a clear picture of your price range and your Realtor will find homes in that range for you

  • Make an offer

    Your pre-approval makes your offer more competitive. Your Realtor will help you craft a great offer.

  • Seller accepts

    Your Realtor schedules an inspection and I will order the appraisal.

  • Lock your rate

    Depending on the close of the escrow, market conditions, and your file, you can now lock in your rate.

  • Underwriting

    Provide updated documents if necessary and the file is then submitted to underwriting for conditional approval.

  • Conditional approval

    Underwriter approves your file and requests any documents they may need for final approval (updated pay stubs, bank statements, etc)

  • Final approval

    A Closing Disclosure (CD) will be prepared by our closing department and delivered to you for review.

  • Document signing and funding

    Review the CD with me and schedule signing. The earliest signing date may occur 3 business days after receiving the CD. Documents are also sent to the seller for review. Go to closing, sign your documents and get the keys to your new home!

  • want to know your options?

    Give me a call so I can help inform you of your options today!

want to know your options?

Give me a call so I can help inform you of your options today!

I liked working with Ryan. He got my loan done when another lender couldn’t. He’s a good guy and good at what he does.

Tony G

Want to start the loan process now?

Want to start the loan process now?

Get Pre-Approved

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